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The need to effectively market product and services today relies on a firm understanding of marketing principles but to truly communicate with consumers, internally and to the trade it’s essential to utilize the capabilities of modern electric devices, servers, web browsers and perhaps most importantly mobile technology.

Raison d'être
The aim of my personal website is to continue my coding experience and explore new ideas- at this moment my goal is to concentrate on improving web users experience in ecommerce through javescripting, jquery and flash animation.

Pulse Bicycles by Kettler® was targeted to appeal to American tastes; pricing and features favored a more recreational rider.

Sean Gregg

Pulse frontbadge
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Seizing upon an opportunity, I created Pulse Bicycles in partnership with Kettler USA. My experience with sourcing product from China, including the design and specification work and their warehousing, custom clearance and product liability were a good match. Kettler had manufactured all of its bikes in Germany until that point and these products did not fit in with the distribution patterns of US retailers, or American product usage. After working with many buyers around the country I knew the price points and features they regarded as most desirable for their stores and ecommerce. There were 2 primary categories which we agreed were the most fertile, children’s bikes and comfort bikes. Literally millions of children have ridden Kettler’s tricycles, it was a natural extension to create bikes that would appeal to the children as they outgrew their trikes. Comfort bikes fit into the Kettler mantra as a leisure product company, their customers are often affluent, family-oriented and fun loving. I like the mixture of appreciation for quality and a sense of optimistic, outdoor adventure. Get your blood pumping

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Kettler Quality toys, Surfer series-an in-house license, trike, balance bike and soon 18" with Banana seat.


Cute but tough!
Kettler Wheeled Toys

Regent Sports has the license to sell NHL branded Air Hockey tables, table featured a playing surface designed in Illustrator.

7.5 foot NHL Hockey with Scoring Arch

More tables from NHL shop, the Vibe features inboard LED scoring lights.
NHL licensed merchandise

Created multi-channel product assortment, (Air Hockey, Billiard, Rod Hockey, Combo game and Arcade tables) to fulfill Retailers demand and sales strategies. Integral part of Sales and Product management team coordinating efforts with Sales Managers, Sales Reps, Purchasing and Planning departments.

Flash SWF file of 26" Tivolo Comfort bike

26" Tivoli Ladies comfort bike

An important Marketing tool, Adobe Flash files create motion and interactivity with a the users mouse-rollovers.The rapid response of the files to the mouseover, cross-browser stability and ability for the file to be enlarged proportionally to the webpage are terrific features. Seeing the 26” Tivoli bike is seen in a 360 degree vantage point. Numerous important product features become apparent when the product is rotated. The Tivoli model was popular due to the quality of the components, fit and finish of the product. Consumers could inspect the coverage of the fenders, width of the tires, rise of the handlebar.

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