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Sean Gregg 283 West Road, Bayport, NY 10705

Often in my professional career, which has included retail buying, product development, marketing, sales, design and analysis it has been my responsibility to review and analyze year end results and make tactical and operational suggestions moving forward. Working with the team of experts to interpret that data, execute strategies, integrate marketing initiatives for the brand to maximizing sales and profits in a highly competitive atmosphere.

My approach is goal-oriented but reliant upon collecting on expansive raw quantitative data. I positively love to crunch the numbers looking for patterns, trends and telling facts and figures that can create and edge for the company. Analytic review of the impression count, space analysis, website positioning and website analytics and consumer behavior, split-run email testing, contribution of channel segmentation to overall distribution patterns,(geographic, psychographic) increase the efficiency of the teamís efforts and resources.

Timing is a crucial element if analytics and often overlooked, year-to-year anomalies can greatly affect promotional effectiveness, working a countdown to a holiday or promotion is an effective planning tool. The internet provides a tremendous opportunity to monitor campaign effectiveness but also presents challenges to adapt to conditions in real time with effective contingency plans. At present the Web 2.0 environment is constantly changing with new delivery methods and unprecedented levels of communication between consumer and manufacturer. Such an environment requires and adaptive methodology while maintaining a steadfast strategy.

Analytical data is only half of the equation, the qualitative data is less reliable but equally important are the program details. There is also a need to do a trend review- did we use the optimal color palette? Is there a pattern of positive/negative consumer feedback in relation to product/process/packaging? Do opportunities exist to add or augment add-ons or accessories to the core product line? Establishing a consistent message and communicating the product benefits/advantages are also portions of the qualitative review. Licensing can be an effective method of communicating the message and desired thematic message, as can an internal branding concept.