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Category Description:The marketing industry has undergone a fundamental transformation. Consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting their attention from traditional marketing media--broadcast and cable television, radio, and print publications--to the Internet, social media, mobile, search, email, and other digital media. Today, companies must connect with customers and other businesses through digital channels and adjust their marketing mix in order to succeed. Research indicates that online marketing budgets are increasing dramatically, and online media campaigns are becoming a pivotal part of effective marketing plans. This program focuses on helping marketers build and sustain successful, integrated digital media marketing programs. Marketing professionals with expertise in this area are an invaluable asset to any organization as emerging technology continues to affect the way marketing is practiced today

Kiddio brand

Useful secondary brand, channel segmentation strategy for mass-marketLINK

Supertrike Series
Iron Horse bikes

International Bicycle brand that grew until financial problems forced Chapter 7now owned

by Dorel Industries
AMX Bicycles

Full-line bicycle brand, each year 50+ bikes developed for mass market sporting

goods chains & International

Toys R Us has eclusive rights to distribute, Iron Horse built many

different models for US and abroad

Regent Sports had the license for air-hockey tablesNHL

was very flexible, made designing tables fun
The North Face

Northe Face bikes were a huge hit at Gaylan's-immediately became chain'sBest

Selling Products
Pulse Bikes

Popular internet product line that received strong consumer reviewsfeature

driven-product fitted to e-commerce
Gravity Games

Extreme sport event to compete with X-games, ran from 1999-2006Link

Fun process designing product

High-end German manufacturer of toys,tricycles,furniture,fitness equipment... LINK

Invest in a Kettler product

Team sponsorship: is a great way to get the press to cover sponsored athletes. A Marketing goal is to mix event marketing, press and public relations, conveying and providing a format for the athletes to tell their stories, all the while making certain you have product and distribution that can align with the cultivated image. In-stocks, products flows and new product introductions are a great way to cut into the competition. Product needs to be cutting edge, fashion forward or excitingly simple - embrace what makes your brand quirky and accentuate those qualities relative to your competition.